Shaolin Soccer
Cast: Stephen Chow, Vicki Zhao Wei, Ng Man Tat, Patrick Tse Yin, Wong Yat Fei, Tin Kai Man, Lam Tze Chung, Chan Kwok Kwan, Mok Lei Lam, Lam Tsz Sin, Karen Mok, Cecilia Cheung
Trama: After soccer superstar "Golden Leg" Fung (Ng Man Tat) decides to take a "dishonor" check to lose an important soccer match, his career goes down the drain as the crowd rushes the field and beats and cripples Fung for his missed goal. Twenty years later, Fung is a lackey for evil soccer furor, Hung (Patrick Tse), who happens to not only used to be the teammate Fung picked on, but now a soccer legend and the chairman of the National Soccer League. Depressed and broken for his reversalof fortune and the particular truths he finds out about his accident, Fung walks the streets finding reasons to live. Fortunately, Fung stumbles upon Sing (Stephen Chow), a martial artists trying to find ways to bring Kung Fu into the mainstream. Aftermuch preparation and soul searching, Fung gathers Sing and his Shaolin brothers together to form a team like no other: a Kung Fu based soccer team. While Sing trains and battles it out Shaolin style in the soccer ring, he attempts to woo Mei (Vicki Zhao Wei's), a shy, charming but hideously-looking girl who uses her Tai Chi skills to make the damn best mantou (steamed bread) in the world

Shaolin Drunkard
Cast: Simon Yuen (Jr.), Yat Choi, Yuen Shun-Yi, Yuen Cheung Yan, Eddy Ko Hung
Trama: Yiao Pai Yuen lives with his grandma, and she is getting worried that he will never marry and continue the family name. When a beautiful girl is offered as the prize in a Kung Fu contest, Yao jumps (literally) at the chance. He changes his mind when he sees that she has a large birthmark on her face.Yiao meets an old drunken Shaolin monk, who is trying to re-capture an escaped convict – a vampire who needs the blood of young men. Guess what? The girl with the birthmark was the bait, and now the vampire wants Good Guy flavoured sushi for lunch.

Shaolin Invincibles
Cast: Carter Wong, Ka Ling
Trama: A group of experienced Shaolin fighters are sick and tired of the evil emperor's nasty deeds and decide to hone their skills and bust into the Forbidden City where he currently resides, to bust him in his grill a couple times. Little do they know, they must first defeat the ultimate in martial arts, his supreme bodyguard Gorillas!! Yes...Gorillas.

Kung Fu Cult Master
Cast: Cheung Man, Hung Sammo Kam-Po, Lai Gigi Chi, Leung Ka-Yan, Jet Li, Ng Francis Chun-Yu, Ng Richard Yiu-Hon, Ngai Sing, Tsui Kam-Kong, Yau Chingmy Shuk-Ching
Trama: Nella Cina ancestrale ci sono due forze che si contrappongono per il possesso della Forma della Luna che è incisa su due magiche spade. Chiunque possegga la Forma della Luna è riconosciuto come il vero e incontrastato Gran Maestro di Kung Fu. I genitori di Mo-Kei(Jet Li) sono parenti del Re del Leone D'Oro che possiede una delle die spade. I genitori di Mo-Keivengono uccisi difendendo il loro segreto e il loro piccolo figlio giura vendetta per la loro morte. Il Maestro Chang (Sammo Hung) della Scuola Wu Tan raggiunge Mo-Kei e lo protegge da quando è impossibilitato ad imparare il Kung Fu a causa di una maledizione. Doop una serie di eventi Mo-Kei è finalmente curato dalla maledizione e diventa uno degli eroi più forti del Kung Fu. Cercherà di riunirsi con il suo padrino, nonchè nonno, il Re del Leone D'Oro, ma viene tradito dal suo vecchio clan e così inseguito e braccato sia dai vecchi amici che dai nuovi nemici.Tutti gli avvenimenti "drammatici" di questa storia si scopriranno tramati dal governo Ming, che con corruzione e minacce si impossessa di alcuni dei combattenti più validi per ordire le sue trame.

Tai-Chi Master, The
Cast: Jet Li, Siu-Ho Chin, Shun Lau, Michelle Yeoh, Hai Yu, Cheung-Yan Yuen, Fannie Kit-Ying Yuen
Trama: Tianbao and Junbao where Buddhist monks since they were children but Tianbao always had trouble adapting to the monks lifestyle. His dream was to become a master of Kung-Fu, Junbao on the other hand followed the rules but always got into trouble with Tianbao. One day during a martial arts competition Tianbao lost control because his opponent cheated. A large fight followed and Junbao helped his friend, they were both kicked out of the monastery. Having never seen the outside world the two monks had trouble adapting, Tianbao dreamed of power and wealth while Junbao seeked a quiet life.

Master of the Flying Guillotine
Cast: Jimmy Wang Yu, Kam Kang, Lau Ka Wing, Lung Kun Yee, Lung Fei, Yu Sung Chao
Trama: During the Ching Dynasty, the Ching Empire used a kung fu master to hunt down Han's rebels and Blind Fung-Sheng one of the greatest. But when he heard that the well known One-Armed Boxer killed his 2 disciple, he decide to leave his seclusion life and find that One-Armed Boxer to take revenge for his dead disciples. None the less, Blind Fung-Sheng is the master of the flying guillotine, a powerful weapon that can chop your head off in a blink of an eye. Meanwhile, the Eagle Claw clan is organizing a martial art tournament. The tournament is so awaited that some contestants have left their homeland, such as Thailand, India and Japan, just to enter the contest. Word reaches the One-Armed Boxer who thinks that is better not to enter the tournament, to not draw attention to him, but still decides to go watch the contest.Unfortunately for him, a lot of people recognize him and a lot of contestants are seeking a fight with this legendary fighter. Trying to deal with these arrogant fighters, One Armed Boxer is not at the end of his trouble as the master of the flying Guillotine is also coming very close to finally discover were he is hiding.

Kids From Shaolin
Cast: Jet Li, Chan Chau Yin, Yue Hoi, Yue Sing Wai, Ding Laam, Gai Chun Wa
Trama: Tin Lung and Yee Lung are two fighters trained in the Shaolin arts, 10 years ago they saved a group of children from a village that was raided by bandits. After escaping they relocated to Phoenix village where they lived on the opposing side of the river from a Wu Dong swords master who was master of the village. The Wu Dong master was father of many daughters and was hoping that one day he would have a son who would be his heir, meanwhile he told his daughters to stay away from the boys of the shaolin. He feared they would try to steal the secrets of his sword style.

Iron monkey
Cast: Cheung Fung-Nei, Lee Fai, Leung Ka-Yan, Siu Hou, Tsang Sze-Man, Wong Jean Ching-Ying, Wong James Jim, Yam Yee-Kwan, Yen Donnie Ji-Dan, Yu Rong-Guang, Yuen, Sun-Yi
Trama: In a small village of China the local governor is corrupt and exploits the population. In response to the cruel governor there is a bandit called the Iron Monkey who goes around stealing from the rich and the corrupt so that he may give to the poor. The governor receives word that an official from the emperor is coming for a visit, to avoid loosing face he orders his soldiers to capture the Iron Monkey at all costs. The soldiers round up anyone suspicious or anyone who knows Kung Fu, one of those who is arrested is Master Wong Kay-Ying and his son Wong Fei-Hung. During the trial the Iron Monkey makes an appearance and Wong Kay-Ying decides to fight him. After a powerful display of Kung Fu the governor orders Wong Kay-Ying to hunt down this Iron Monkey, to insure the job is done right Wong Fei-Hung is taken prisoner. Wong Kay-Ying has seven days to find the Iron Monkey or he will never see his son again.

Fong Sai Yuk
Cast: Jet Li, Josephine Siao, Vincent Zhao, Michelle Reis, Paul Chu, Sibelle Hu, Chan Chung-Yung
Trama: Fong Sai Yuk is home after he got in trouble for fighting, his friends sneak in and tell him that there is a Kung Fu tournament organized by a government official to find the husband for his daughter. Fong Sai Yuk who is skilled in Kung Fu decides to give it a try, meanwhile the the officials daughter runs away so he replaces her with a servant. During the fight Fong Sai Yuk sees the servant and looses on purpose so he does not have to marry her. Fong Sai Yuk's mother hears that he lost so she pretends to be Fong Sai Yuk's brother to win back his honor. She wins and is forced to marry but she gets back home so Fong Sai Yuk gets stuck with the marriage and that's where the trouble begins.

Fong Sai Yuk 2
Cast: Jet Li, Josephine Siao, Adam Cheng, Chun-Wah Hui, Amy Kwok, Michelle Reis, Cory Kwai Yuen
Trama: Fong Sai Yuk is now a member of the red lotus society, still being unfamilier with the triad he gets into trouble for breaking rules of which he had no knowledge of. Being righteous in nature Fong Sai Yuk quickly becomes rivals with Yu who is cold and heartless and only interested in personal power. Fong Sai yuk is chosen to retrieve a sacred box being transported by samurai to a local lord. Little does Fong Sai Yuk know that this box holds the destiny of the leader of the red lotus society, Yu would stop at nothing to acquire it.

Chinese ghost story II, A
Cast: Jacky Cheung, Leslie Cheung, Fung Guk, Shun Lau, Siu-Ming Lau, Waise Lee, Michelle Reis, Joey Wong, Ma Wu
Trama: One hundred years after Chinese Ghost Story I, a monk and his student are traveling to another temple to deliver a gold buddha statue. During their travel they run into some trouble in town and decide to make haste on their journey. When night falls they come across the Orchid Temple, they decide to take refuge even tho the temple is rumored to be haunted. During the night the Master monk senses evil spirits and decides to go hunt them leaving his student to protect the Buddha statue. While the master is gone a ghost visits the young student and tries to seduce him. She fails to have an effect on him and he scares her away with his prayers. During the events with the ghost the young student broke the Buddha statue, to avoid the wrath of his master he says he is ill to buy some time to try to repair the statue. In the coming days the Ghost and the student become friends but disaster strikes and the master monk falls into danger. The student hires a traveling mystic warrior (Jacky Cheung) to help him rescue his master.

Chinese ghost story III, A
Cast: Jacky Cheung, Shun Lau, Siu-Ming Lau, Yuk-Ting Lau, Tony Leung, Nina Chi Li, Joey Wong
Trama: Chinese ghost story II is a fantasy tale of ghosts and demons. It all begins when Ning escapes from prison, he seeks shelter in an abandoned manor. He encounters a monk and a group of rebels who mistake Ning as the wise elder Chew, the leader of the rebel looks like Sian from Chinese Ghost Story I and Ning believe it is her reincarnation. The rebels are seeking to free their father who is going to be executed by the emperor, they ask Ning for his wisdom to aid them. During the night they do battle with an evil ghost that was mistakenly freed by Ning. In the course of the battle they encounter the emperors soldiers escorting the prisoner. After a long battle they manage to stop the soldier and the evil ghost, the commander of the soldiers decides to join the rebels because he believes the prisoner is innocent. The emperors advisor and chief monk comes to see them and steals the prisoner away, Ning uncovers an evil plot and must save his friends

Chinese ghost story, A
Cast: Leslie Cheung,Wu Ma,Joey Wang
Trama: Approdato anche in Italia (come STORIA DI FANTASMI CINESI) con il prestigioso tramite del Festival di Venezia, A CHINESE GHOST STORY è uno di quei film che non si scordano facilmente. Complicato intreccio di culture e generi, il film di Ching Siu-tung è il punto d'incontro tra tradizione e modernità, perfetta coniugazione di temi classici su forme all'avanguardia. La storia è tratta da una novella di P'u Sung-ling, scrittore cinese vissuto tra il 1640 e 1715, intitolata Il fantasma di una bella donna (da cui anche THE ENCHANTING SHADOW di Li Han-hsiang, 1960). A rendere davvero speciale questo wuxia fantasy è prima di tutto l'atmosfera onirica e libera da legami che permette alla fantasia di essere padrona assoluta delle situazioni. L'estrema attenzione alle leggende e al passato culturale cinese - i sutra e gli incantesimi; gli eroi, i demoni e le figure mitiche - impedisce che i voli pindarici diventino eccessivi o esclusivamente legati all'effetto spettacolare. Ching e Tsui Hark non imbrogliano lo spettatore ma lo fanno giocare con le sue stesse conoscenze: sarebbe stato molto semplice creare scene fantastiche totalmente slegate e decontestualizzate dalle tradizioni popolari a cui invece la sceneggiatura attinge, rimanendovi sempre fedele. Un progetto, questo, che non ha altro scopo se non il rinverdimento delle proprie origini, documentandole senza rinunciare alla possibile commercializzazione visiva (spesso infatti Ching Siu-tung ha detto di sentirsi un portavoce delle conoscenze popolari). E' una forma di rispetto che rende la pellicola di altissimo livello culturale, sociale, spettacolare e di intrattenimento.
Le immagini sono di quanto più immaginifico si potesse concepire senza cadere nel grottesco o nell'auto parodia, e anche quando i momenti sono più disimpegnati - un demone che attacca usando la propria lunghissima lingua; schizzi di liquidi organici e di sangue che imbrattano i protagonisti; un proto-rap cantato da un monaco taoista - non si scende sotto il livello di guardia. Ching Siu-tung sfrutta il lungo apprendistato al seguito del padre, autore di wuxiapian per gli Shaw Brothers, e la sua esperienza nell'opera cinese. La sua regia colpisce nel segno grazie allo stile vorticoso, elegante, raffinato e sempre legato al movimento (le veloci soggettive che tanto ricordano LA CASA di Sam Raimi). Il montaggio estremizza il cinetismo e lo esaspera con un taglio moderno, ai limiti dell'impercettibilità. La lezione di King Hu è stata ben appresa: non serve tanto comprendere cosa stia succedendo, bensì seguire la storia senza perdere le coordinate dettate dell'azione e dal ritmo; due lunghi flashback e il riassunto finale aiuteranno l'eventuale spettatore distratto. A CHINESE GHOST STORY - capolavoro assoluto, se non si fosse capito - rispetta limiti e generi, riconoscendone l'autorevole importanza e la possibile intersecabilità, insistendo soprattutto sui vortici emotivi tipici del mélo. In questo modo ci si diverte, ci si commuove e si sogna ad occhi aperti di poter condividere emozioni e sentimenti dei due eccellenti protagonisti.


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