GLAY was first founded in their hometown : Hakodate, Hokkaido, in the summer of 1988. The advocator is the current leader: Takuro. At first, there were only 2 members on the team, Teru and Takuro, and they were just high school students at that time. They often perfermed near their hometown. At the end of 1988, the team was formerly named GLAY. The team was quite immature at that time. This situation lasted till 1989, when they take in NOBUMASA as the drummer on the team. The former drummer,TERU,became the vocal on the team because his good voice. Also at that time, HISASHI joined in the team with the invitation of Takuro. It is the early shape of the Glay now. In 1990, after the members of GLAY graduated from high shool, they rent a small hall and gave a graduation performance there. The hall was full of people. After graduation, they each found some part-time jobs and saved the money for their further developement.
At the end of 1990, Glay left their hometown and came to Tokyo to look for a better future. They performed in the Live House at the suburbs of Tokyo and showed their special musical style. In Oct, 1990, they recorded 3 Demos by themselves, and took on another member--Jiro, who came from the same place as the rest of them. Jiro bring great changes to the musical style of Glay.
In the summer of 1993, Glay met the man of their fate--Yoshiki(the drummer of X-Japan). Yoshiki happened to hear their demo and liked their music. He asked Glay to join the record company of his, and Glay signed the contract. In 1994, Glay published their debut "Rain", which is composed by Yoshiki, and went on the road of success.
In Oct, 13, 2002, Glay came to Beijing, China, and gave a wonderful performance called One Love in Beijing. Since then, more and more people in China come to know Glay, and more and more people started to like them. In the future, Glay will certainly achieve greater success with the love of so many fans.

Besides being the vocalist, Teru is also the most talkative guy in GLAY! Sometimes I wish he could leave some space for Hisashi to say something but then again, Hisashi is very shy on shows...
Other than Music, he loves his Machintosh Computer (Performa 5200) as well! He loves to use digital cameras to take picture and do graphics (using Photo Shop, he says - hey! I use that too! ^_^) . He said he likes computer very much that even after shows that he soo tired and all that..he would still turn on his computer once he gets home ^_^ You can see his works in his Radio Program Homepage - TERU ME NIGHT GLAY. Teru says he is still in the stage of learning computer, so he often asks Hisashi for advice! He said he learned many things from Hisashi! Cute! ^_^ In the future, he wishes to make a homepage of his own and draw the graphic designs of their next CD album cover!

Takuro is GLAY's leader. He is one of my favourite composers! My fave songs by him includes "a Boy~zutto wasurenai", "BELOVED", "Glorious", "GROOVY TOUR", "kuchibiru" ... many! Almost 80% of the songs are by him. His music style is mostly bright and pop. His songs can be 'rock' but still...'pop'. Know what I mean? His slow songs are great too! That's why many non-Jrock lovers like them too! Takuro is very friendly on tv/shows. Weird thing is, sometimes he likes to sit down and play his guitar! People say he does not have a "stage-look". Other than being a talented composer, he is also super tall!!! He is something like 183cm! If he could just change his looks a little bit, he might be a very good model! (hee hee)
Takuro likes London and NewYork very much. He said he always wanted to go there but never find the time. He said he wants to listen/learn World music in those places. Learning and experiencing new things are Takuro's favorite hobbies. He said he is willing to try anything or any kind of music. Uhm..wonder if he really had gone to N.Y or London, would the sound of GLAY change after? We'll see....

Weird, quiet, funny, strange, hyper, wild....what can I say? This is a COOL guy! Possibly my favorite member in GLAY! Hisashi is the guitarist of GLAY together with Takuro. He wasn't very 'noticeable' when GLAY first started. But now... He's like the 'front cover guy' of numerous mags! He is making me broke! In the summer of 1997, GIGS, Rockin'f, Vicious..etc ALL had Hisashi on the cover! ^_-
Hisashi loves computer. He reads Mac magazines - ALWAYS! Before concerts, while setting hair, on van....everywhere! He even constructed his own homepage!! He didn't tell it to anyone because he wants people to find it...Ha! So I found it - SURF THE DEAD CITY. He often likes to update it, pull it down than put it up again...but I think since GLAY is having a busy schedule now, guess his page will be left un-updated for awhile! BTW, his homepage has a "Hacker" theme...scary....

Jiro is the youngest of all GLAY members. He is like the little brother in the group. Many girls like him because of his cute and forever young look (sooo baby face) ^_^ He is probably the most baby looking Bass player on earth! I love the two songs he compose for the album BELOVED. They are SHUTTER SPEEDS no TEEMA and KANARIYA. He even sings in SHUTTER SPEEDS. He loves photography. It is funny how he put the camera flashes sound in his songs ^_^ On his recent appearaces he dyed his hair back to black and he even permed it. Looks very funny!
Jiro always look very sad, and with his pouchy lips, he looks as if he's going to cry any minute! ^_^ He is like a little boy (well, he still is) when he smile! His eyes would disappear and his whole face brightens up! Sooooo cute!!!

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