X Japan

The music style of X Japan can vary from heavy metal music to fabulous ballads, by going from symphonic rock music. The originality and talent of theirs will definitely never be question.
The group is born from one man named Yoshiki. He founded X in 1982 with his best friend Toshi, future singer. At that time, the band name was only X and their principal music influence was the american hard rock band KISS. In 1987, X is taking shape with HIDE on leading guitar, PATA also on guitar and TAIJI on bass. In 1992, X is finally re-named X Japan, because there's already an american band known as X. Unfortunately, aside from Asia, X Japan remains almost unknown.
At first hearing, what can be hard to deal with are the japenese accent and tone, which are far away from the english and french ones. Better get use to it. If you never heard anything from them, better start with their all english songs, such as CRUCIFY MY LOVE, ART OF LIFE, UNFINISHED.. and some other else. Generaly, themes of their songs are desperate love, death, loneliness, sadness and painful realities of life.At first sight, you could be surprise... that's what japenese call VISUAL ROCK. X Japan look; agressive, punk/hardos romantic, effeminate, could displease to anyone who's not much familiar with the japenese rock world. (J-Rock) Some others would retort that it's part of their charm; at least that's what I would say ;) Since X Japan, many other J-Rock bands has been influenced by their outfits. Take notes; despite their look relatively, particularly, tremendously effeminate, not many artistes of VISUAL ROCK are actually 'gay'. (Sorry, I had to say that..) On September 22nd 1997, X Japan officially broke up, announcing their last concert 'THE LAST LIVE'. They will have enjoyed 16 prestigious years, raising crowds everywhere in Asia. They also will have gave to their fans in inheritance 5 albums, 18 singles and 15 concerts on video. X Japan happened to be the first band who sold out tickets 3 days in a row at the Tokyo Dome.On May 2nd 1998, hide (guitarist) is discovered dead in his Tokyo appartment. The police officer talked about suicide thesis, which was officially rejected and finally declare as a dreadful accident.Yoshiki (leader) once explained, in a japenese press conference, that X Japan never tried the american market because Toshi's english (singer) was too limited. For those who are tempt and wish to try the experience, let me tell you that your trip as just begun! In fact, to find X Japan albums outside Asia is really a hard task, and above all, finding truly good websites as mine is nearly impossible..... just kidding. Once you taste X Japan, you'll never get enough!


Name: Yoshiki Hayashi
Birthday: November 20th, 1965
Birth Place: Chiba, Japan
Signe: Scorpio
~ Know him better....
~ Yoshiki is the founding member of X Japan.
~ His mother happened to be a piano teacher, Yoshiki began to learn piano at the age of 5.
~ Toshi (singer) and Yoshiki are friends since kindergarden.
~ At the age of 10, Yoshiki found his father dead body which has commited suicide due to some financial problems, age : 33.
~ Unlike Toshi, Yoshiki was what we could called a 'problem-kid'. He causes trouble around school and gets bad grades.
~ The only thing that would interest Yoshiki at school was his languages classes. Actually, he speaks english, cantonese, mandarin and japenese pretty well.
~ The 'emotional' Yoshiki is well known as much as for his 'tears-storms' than for his excessive drunking.
~ Yoshiki is also in the 'Top 5 stars who have done most damages in a hotel room', with 60 000$ in ONE night only.
~ At first, no one wanted to record X, so Yoshiki created his own label, EXTASY RECORDS.
~ Mrs. Hayashi, always supporting her son in what he does, sold the family business and gave Yoshiki all the money.
~ During concerts, when X is playing a song with drums and piano in the same time, Yoshiki pre-record one of the instrument, concentring himself on the other one.
~ Because of his intensity when he's playing drums, he broke his neck once and his wrists several times.
~ After X dissolution in 1997 and hide's death in 1998, Yoshiki, very shocked, swore he would never touch a drum set ever... trying to forget a painful past.
~ Recently, he said again that he hasn't enterly accepted the prematurate separetion of X yet, and still cannot look at hide's pictures.
~ He actually lives in Los Angeles as a producer. His EXTASY RECORDS company is successful and it helps starting j-rock bands to be heard.
~ One time a year, Yoshiki's travelling to Japan to have a diner with his mother.
~ He has recorded lots of solo projects (mostly instumental and orchestral) he also performed for the emperor of Japan on his birthday, where he plays 'Anniversary'.
~ Now, Yoshiki's producing the j-rock band Dir en Grey and many others.


Name: Toshimitsu Deyama
Birthday: October 10th, 1965
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
Sign: Libra
~Know him better...
- Toshi and Yoshiki are friends since kindergarden.
- Yoshiki was the chosen one for Toshi's first kiss; their mothers wanted to take a cute picture.
- Toshi was doing fabulously in the structured environment of high school. He held a high 90 average and was planning on attending a prestigious university to study medecine.
- Before he went off to university, Yoshiki asked Toshi if he would come with him to Tokyo and form a rock band. Toshi agreed to it, not without thinking about it few days.
- Some say that Toshi is at the root of X Japan separation.
- See X~Dissolution for more informations -
- Toshi has recorded several solo albums, reflecting different emotions than X.
- Sometimes he's performing in little places such as supermarket parkings, bars and shoping centers... In other words, I don't think he's doing well.
- Unfortunately, many fans hate and blame him for X prematurate separation.
- Nothing last forever, we have to be grateful that X Japan, during these 10 great years, decided to share, with his fans around the wolrd, their fantastic melodies.


Name: Hideto Matsumoto
- Guitarist - Backing Vocal -
Birthday: December 13th 1964
Birthplace: Yokosuka, Japan
Sign: Sagittarius
~ Learn to know him..
~ The name hide should be pronounced 'he-dey'.
~ When hide enrolled in primary school, he was overweight and teased by his classmates, and was an outcast. (Damn kids can be cruel..)
~ hide started to like metal music in Secondary II when he listened to KISS. (I would prefer Helloween..)
~ He bought his first guitar in Secondary III, it was a Gibson guitar and his classmates gave him the nickname 'Gibson'. (Wow, this is almost original..)
~ Next, hide went in a costume school to study. (Great!)
~ When he was close to graduate, he received a phone call from a certain Yoshiki, leader of X, asking him to join his band... hide accepted. (Fortunately..)
~ At the end of 1995, hide met with a sick fan suffering from Peripheral Nerve Regenerative Disorder. There's only few people in the whole world with a serious case of this disease.
~ In 1996, hide registered itself for a bone marrow transplant donor, again for that fan girl which he stays in contact with. (Lucky girl ;) )
~ During his pretigious years with X Japan, hide also produced some solo albums. (Hurray!)
~ hide holds the world record for the longest throwing television... from a hotel window. (Watch out!!)
~ In 1997, hide has two times been seriously injured; firstly he has severly broke his skull and then broke his ankles... he was drunk. (Oh really?)
~ Again in 1997, X Japan announced its soon dissolution, hide disagree... (So am I..)
~ After X Japan, hide performed with Zilch, then Spread Beaver. (Hurray!.. again)
~ On May 2nd 1998, at 7H AM, hide is found dead, hanging to a doorknob in his apartment's bedroom...
(To learn + about that, see hide memorial).
~ hide does spell his name with a lower case 'h'. (Don't ask me why though..)


Name: Hiroshi Morie
Birthday: January 22th, 1968
Birthplace: Hyogo, Japan
Sign: Aquarius
~ To know him better...
~ Heath was part of a few bands which released some albums under independant label before joining X.
~ From 1987 to 1988, he was bassist for the band PARANOIA. He was part of Media Youth for a brief time around 1990 before joining Majestic Isabelle. He had been bassist for this band during the Extasy Summit '91. After that, he joined Media Youth again and left the band definitely on June '92.
~ Heath joined X Japan in 1992, 10 months after Taiji left the group. (ex-bassist)
~ As you may had read, the first meeting of Heath and X was apparently uneasy (I still don't know any details)
~ His solo career starts around 1994. Since then, he released 2 albums and few singles. Of course he is the one who plays bass, but he is also singer.
~ Heath has gone on to a successful solo career, lending his songs to such popular shows as the anime 'Detective Boy Conan'.
~ Currently, Heath possess his own record company, M Record, along with his brother.


Name: Tomoaki Ishizuka
Birthday: november 4th, 1965
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
Sign: Scorpio
~ Know him better...
~ Pata joins X in 1987. He is the other guitarist of X.
~ He really is a shy guy.
~ He's rarely seen without his Jack Daniels wiskey bottle.
~ Pata has moved on after the disbanding of X to many solo projects.
~ His own projects reflect his classic guitar style, and have a very jazzy feel to them. As most are instrumental pieces much like the reknown Joe Satriani, the quality of Pata's work really shines through.
~ He appeared as a guest guitarist on hide's albums and tours.


Name: Taiji Sawada
Birthday: December 7th, 1966
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
Sign: Cancer
~Know him better...
- Taiji joined X in 1987.
- Before he joined, Yoshiki and him lived together. Yoshiki said he had to ask Taiji to put the cap on the tooth paste tube every single morning.
- In 1992, he is fired.
- Why does he quit X? Taiji strongly asserted the equalitarism in the management of X.
- Which means equality in both; work and money. Especially from the work side, Taiji complained to Yoshiki that some good songs he wrote with hide weren't accepted on the album 'Blue Blood'.
- At that time, he was also arrested for charge and injury.
- Finally, Taiji was fired from X by Yoshiki, when he started asserting about the equity of royalties on Cd, video and so on.
- One last reason was that X doesn't needed 2 leaders. Taiji had strong opinions about management of X, way to write or songs arrangement etc. he often clashed with Yoshiki. Taiji assumed in his autobiography that Yoshiki was too tired to argue with him.
- At that time, many rumors are spread annoncing the near death of X, saying the band would not survive with the bassist gone. Yet X-Japan would gave us 5 other years of great music and show.
- After he quitted X, he joined the band Loudness, but quitted them a short time after that.
- In 1994, Taiji formed his own band named DTR. But it didn't work well and they broke up.
- In the same year, Taiji divorced from his wife and starts wandering through Japan.
- He said he tried to kill himself two times, but couldn't make it..
- In 1998, Taiji went to hide's funerals and met the members of X, which he met for the first time since he quitted them.
- After all that, Taiji decided to live as a musician again, he joined the tribute album of Cozy Powell.
- On May 2000, Taiji released his autobiography.
- Taiji's new band is named Cloud Nine.

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